Patio Dog Leash Review

Sidewalk Dog’s Patio Leashes

Have dogs will travel! If you like to travel a lot with your dogs, this is the leash for you. The side-release plastic buckle makes it super easy to quickly and easily secure your dog!

lisa and harry

We would like to share with you on our blog some of our favorite things for traveling and we have to say that if you have dogs, these patio leashes we got from Sidewalk Dog are the best leashes we’ve ever owned (and we’ve had dogs most of our whole lives). The thing that we love about these leashes is that they are the perfect length. They are long enough for your dog to explore a little but short enough for you to keep good control of them which comes in handy when you are with your dog in a public space.

The clasp on the end opens easily so you don’t feel like it is painfully digging into the skin on your thumb trying to hook the clasp onto the collar, however, the most important feature of all that makes it GREAT for traveling is that the end has a side-release plastic buckle so you can quickly and easily hook up your pet to your chair, a post, a small tree, table, etc. This is so nice when you are at a local dog-friendly brewery or restaurant too! The only place we’ve ever seen these leashes before is at Sidewalk Dog though.

Sidewalk Dog is one of our favorite web sites too (and they aren’t paying us to say this nor are we getting a free leash for writing this). The reason we visit them often is that they have lots of great giveaways, articles that of are of interest to us as a dog owner, and best of all…a list of dog-friendly places to eat, drink, or shop at in the Twin Cities area. We also learn of many dog-focused events as well like the annual Dog Expo! The leashes are only $23.00 and includes free shipping. You can find their leashes at but check out the rest of their site as well if you get a chance!

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